A few words About Us

Since 1901, our family indulged in the business of agricultural food products like Pulses Chillies and Spices. The trade designs were entirely different as our ancestors transported goods in bullock carts to the markets called “Sandhai” in and around Pollachi. Pollachi Sandhai(market) is famous for more than a century for its flourishing business in all segments. There is even a saying that

"One can get anything from a paper pin to an elephant in “Pollachi sandhai”.

Our grandfathers were one among the main businessmen in Pollachi Sandhai. Not only in Pollachi, our grandfathers were carrying on business in nearby places were the market potential was found.

Getting enormous experience from there and adopting the changing business world, we at S.Govindarajan has earned a name for our self in the field food commodities trading and sustaining in the field for than a century with constant growth and modification that the industry was facing from time to time.